The Price of Success

Double digit retail price increases for e-bikes in Europe’s main markets.  A recent report has shown that the prices of e-bikes in three of Europe’s main markets have increased 12% compared with 2021.

Not totally unexpected perhaps given the huge demand.  However the higher costs of raw materials and shipping are now becoming a major factor, the cost of aluminium up +50%, carbon fibre +30%, rubber +70% and lithium which is required for batteries +400%.

Whilst the UK e-bike market has always been slightly behind Europe we can expect the same to happen here, possibly more so given the additional costs associated with Brexit.

Why is this important?  Well because the higher the cost of the asset, the greater the importance on having the right insurance.  That is why when it comes to e-bikes, Jackson Lee advocate specialist e-bike insurance over home insurance.  Most home insurance policies will provide some cover for e-bikes but the level of protection can be variable when it comes to the maximum sum insurable and cover.

Jackson Lee’s stand alone e-bike policy can provide cover for e-bikes valued up to £10,000, cover includes:

  • Cover away from home as standard including theft from in or on a vehicle, a place of work or transport hub
  • Cover for batteries and accessories removed from the bike for safe storage
  • Optional ‘at home’ cover where inadequate cover under the home insurance policy
  • Replacement e-bike hire
  • Optional cover for e-bike rescue including battery failure
  • Optional personal accident cover
  • We even allow you to take your e-bike outside the UK for up to 90 days in any calendar year!

If you would like to find out more about our e-bike insurance products please call our leisure insurance team on 0330 111 3571 or email us at