Learner Driver Motor Insurance

As COVID-19 restrictions begin to relax and whilst driving tests still remain suspended it is expected that during July 2020 students will be able to schedule for both the theory or practical test.

Students will need practice before sitting their tests and there is an expectancy of high demand on those instructors who are able to provide lessons. There is the option of practical experience either in your own car or your parents or siblings car. This is where Learner Driver Motor Insurance provides an easy solution for students who can arrange a policy in their own name to cover a vehicle they own or to drive under instruction in their parents or siblings vehicle.

The benefit of arranging cover in their own name with Learner Driver Motor Insurance is cover can be arranged for short periods as the student moves towards the practical test and if there is an unfortunate incident whilst the student is driving then there is no claim against the parents or siblings policy protecting their no-claims bonus.

With competitive rates, A rated insurer capacity and competitive commission, Learner Driver Motor insurance is a product to secure future customers to your business. For more details call : 0330 111 3093 or email info@jlunderwriting.co.uk