Electric vehicle sales increase by over 70% year to date!

Statistics from the SMMT show that whilst new vehicle registrations have fallen in 2022 there are positive numbers in the electric car sector where BEV sales are up by over 70%. This is a positive message as more customers look to greener vehicles.


Category YTD 2022 YTD 2021 % Change MKT Share - 22 MKT Share - 21
BEV* 92,512 54,051 71.2% 14% 7.5%
  • * BEV – Battery Electric Vehicle

At the same time AM Online highlights a growth in demand from consumers for GAP insurance for alternative fuel vehicles, citing the cost to repair and lack of parts for some of these vehicles are driving insurers to write off the vehicle. Dependent upon the finance in place, this could result in a financial shortfall, leaving customers financially exposed.

JLU’s GAP Insurance solutions offer cover for BEV’s and will additionally include access to a temporary replacement vehicle (TRV) for up to 28 days, whilst the insured’s total loss is assessed by their motor insurer. The TRV will be either a BEV or hybrid and includes comprehensive motor insurance. This is a significant benefit to policyholders and provides them with access to continued mobility.

Example hire car charges 28 days – daily rental 12th July 2022

Vehicle Costs
Fiat 500 £1,806
VW Passat (Automatic) £6,733
Ford Transit £2,700

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