Car Rental Excess Protect

Clients hiring a car in the UK or abroad this Easter? Save them time and money at the rental desk with a Car Rental Excess Protect Policy.

Hiring a car on holiday can be a great idea, giving you freedom to travel where and when you like without searching for bus routes or train times. But should your rental car get damaged you may be faced with a costly excess to pay, which could quickly ruin your holiday.

Like you own motor insurance the rental company will cover the majority of any repair costs however you will still be liable for the excess and this is usually high – typically around £1000 upwards.

Rental companies will offer you insurance at the rental desk to cover this excess but this can be very pricey, normally between £9 to £20 per day. Many people unfortunately have no other option but to take this.

But there is a better way…

As an insurance broker you can set up your client with a Car Rental Excess Protect Policy in advance, with just a one-off premium for a single trip or annual multi-trip policy at a fraction of the cost. Your client will then have peace of mind on their holiday and can happily decline the rental companies' pushy sales pitch.

Our cover includes damage to windscreens, roof, tyres and under body of the car up to £6,000.

Your customer may need a hire car for their holiday, leisure or business trip. Our policy will still cover them.

Don’t let your client’s overpay at the rental desk. Get a quote today.

More information can be found on our Product Guide or feel free to call us on 0330 11 3093 or email for more information.