BIBA Endorsed Holiday Travel+ and Sports Travel+

As we look forward to international travel opening up it is important to ensure that your client buys appropriate travel insurance that does offer cover for COVID-19.

The BIBA Endorsed Holiday Travel+ and Sports Travel+ schemes both offer cover in relation to Covid-19.

Persons insured under the Travel+ schemes would be covered for:

Cancellation Cover 

  • Irrecoverable cost of all travel charges that insured person has paid and/or are contracted to pay before the departure date in respect of any part of the Journey that they are necessarily required to cancel if insured person, their close relative, a member of their household or travelling companion or a friend with whom they had arranged to stay has a diagnosis of COVID-19 within 14 days prior to booked departure date, as certified by a Medical Practitioner

Curtailment Cover 

  • All reasonable additional travel expenses incurred by insured person in returning to their home address in the United Kingdom following death of a close relative after contracting COVID-19, as certified by a Medical Practitioner

Emergency Medical Expenses 

If insured person contracts COVID-19, as certified by a Medical Practitioner following a medically approved test showing a positive result for COVID-19 during their journey:

  • Emergency medical and repatriation expenses

  • Reasonable additional travel and accommodation expenses (room only) for insured person to extend their stay until they are medically fit to return to the United Kingdom

  • Reasonable additional travelling and accommodation expenses to repatriate insured person to the United Kingdom when they are denied boarding on their pre-booked return travel due to contracting COVID-19

  • Confinement benefit: a benefit payment of £30 for each complete 24 hour period up to £300 where insured person are ordered into self-isolation in their holiday accommodation by a relevant Government authority, as a result of them contracting COVID-19