You’re on A Level Playing Field with Jackson Lee

We know that buying leisure insurance can be hard work. Searching around for the right product for the right price can be exhausting – and once you’ve found the product, how do you know that you have the right level of cover?

An independent insurance broker can make the process much easier, helping customers save money and ensuring that they get the right cover to meet their needs.

But what if you are an independent insurance broker? As an insurance professional you will have a pretty good understanding as to how a particular insurance product stacks up but what about the people behind it?

Multi-national insurer, household name, A-rated security, MGA or even another broker?

Whomever you choose to place your business with, of upmost importance to you should be whether or not your provider is truly independent. If your product provider is also a competitor in the same market space, how can you be sure that there is no conflict of interest and that you are getting the best deal?

Jackson Lee Underwriting are currently providing hundreds of insurance brokers with access to niche leisure insurance products and services.  We have grown because we never stand still in terms of product innovation and the desire to build a quality reputation within the insurance broking market.

We are also proud to be independent. Whether it be camera, caravan, cycle or fishing insurance, all our supporting brokers are provided with the same quality product, rates and superb service so that everyone is on a level playing field.

To find out more about Jackson Lee and our range of specialist leisure insurance products please call Graeme Hamilton on 0330 111 3571 or email us at