To store or not to store

Whilst more and more people are using their caravans over the winter period, October is still traditionally the time when many units are put to bed until the better weather arrives again.

There are two options to consider when looking at storing caravans when not in use; keeping at home or keeping in storage.

Keeping it at home has the advantage of being cheaper, also the caravans’ owner can keep an eye on it.  On the downside it could upset the neighbours or even breach property covenants, although the latter tends only to apply on newer housing developments.

If the preference is to store the caravan away from home then security is going to be key.  Jackson Lee recommend that a good storage facility would be one where access was restricted to authorised persons only, entrance was secured with a locked gate or barrier worked using a key, swipe card or key code.

Most professional storage facilities will benefit from the aforementioned security features but it important to note that other storage locations may be equally as secure.  If your customer is unsure please speak to a member of the JLU team where we can consider on case by case basis.

Whomever the caravan insurer is, it is important to check that cover is in force for the whole year.  Don’t rely on the storage site’s insurance for protection out of season as this is likely exclude cover for theft or damage to caravans in their care.

As well as the general level of security at the storage site, caravan owners may be offered undercover storage e.g. a converted barn or warehouse, or storage where the caravan is exposed to the elements.  The former is generally more expensive but has obvious benefits.  Whether covered or uncovered, an additional advantage of a bespoke facility is they can get your caravan out for you as part of the service which can be a big advantage if you do not enjoy manoeuvring your caravan in tight spaces.

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