Protection from the elements

Whether being kept in storage or at home, owners will want to make sure that their caravans are protected from the elements over the winter period.  Good insurance is the ultimate stop gap in the event of damage caused by severe weather but the following 5 tips can help make sure top condition is maintained in readiness for the new season.

1. Owners can protect their caravan from the weather by using a breathable cover.  This is a great way to keep the elements out and to protect the caravan exterior from high winds, falling snow and rain.  A breathable cover can be used at home or in storage where caravans are kept out in the open. 

2. Make sure the wheels are looked after as having a caravan stood in one place over winter can put a lot of stress on certain areas of the caravan’s tyres, leading to them becoming warped, damaged or cracked.  A simple way to spread the stress across the tyre is to move the caravan every now and again which will happen in a professional storage environment.  If the caravan is being kept at home ‘winter wheels’ are an alternative option.   These replace the existing wheels completely with square metal holders and have the additional benefit of increasing security by making the caravan extremely difficult to steal.

3. Ensure that any water is fully drained down from both the waste and fresh water systems as this has the potential to freeze and expand during sub-zero temperatures, causing caravan pipes to crack or burst.

4. Ensure that the caravan is empty and clean as vermin such as mice and rats are attracted to food crumbs so ensure all cupboards are fully cleaned out and all foods removed. 

5. Place some silicia gel or bowls of salt inside the caravan to act as dehumidifiers, this helps prevent condensation and damp building up over the winter months.  Also prop any cushions or mattresses up in the middle of the caravan to ensure that they have air circulating around them.  Internal doors, cupboards and draws should be propped open to allow air to circulate freely and the fridge freezer should be cleaned out and emptied with the door left open so once again air can circulate.

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