Once rare oddities, electric bikes are now common

Die-hard cyclists might look at electric bikes as the lazy person's alternative, but that's a rather narrow view. There are many situations when an electric bike comes into its own.

Electric bikes offer the chance for those with reduced fitness levels to get out and enjoy the countryside. Even those who are moderately fit can sometimes appreciate extra assistance when going up hills!

Electric bikes provide a convenient mode of transportation for busy adults who may need to tow a buggy full of children or pick up some shopping.

Electric bikes are also green. Studies have shown that the average speed in rush hour traffic in busy towns and cities can dip as low as 18 mph. E-bike speeds can be as high as 15 mph so you can help reduce pollution, improve your fitness and still arrive at work at the same time as your colleagues.

Add to that the fact that the cost of running an e-bike can be 20 times less than running a new family car and you can see why they are becoming so popular.

Top Tip: To make sure your electric bike’s battery is working to maximum potential, always keep your tyres properly inflated.

The basics of an electric bicycle are simple. The electric motor propels it, a battery supplies the power which brings us to perhaps the only downside versus a traditional bike - the technology required to make the thing go can make good quality e-bikes substantially more expensive than their regular equivalents. For this reason, buying cycle insurance is a must.

Jackson Lee’s cycle insurance provides cover for e-bikes including battery pack as standard as well offering a wide range of additional features and benefits.

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Cycle Insurance – Features & Benefits

  • Cover for theft and accidental damage
  • Cover for up to 5 bikes on one policy
  • Family use covered
  • Personal Accident and Public Liability cover included as standard
  • Uninsured Loss Recovery – including pot hole cover

To find out more about cycle insurance from Jackson Lee please call Graeme Hamilton on 0330 111 3571 or email us at info@jacksonleeunderwriting.co.uk