New 69 Plate - Increased GAP Opportunities

It's an exciting time of the year for many consumers ordering their new 69 plate vehicle for September. When updating your client's motor policy why not discuss GAP insurance before the dealer offers this to your customer?

Today the majority of consumers will purchase their car on some form of finance, but in the event of a total loss there is no guarantee their motor insurer will provide sufficient funds to clear their outstanding finance.

GAP Insurance can protect your customers from this financial shortfall and not leave them out of pocket.

We offer a wide range of annually renewable and one-off multi-year GAP Insurance solutions for consumers and businesses covering motor cycles, cars, vans, mini buses, motorhomes, trucks and agricultural vehicles.


Remember for your businesses customers, GAP is particularly important. Over 70% of businesses have their vehicles on a form of lease arrangement, unlike individuals, businesses have no protection under the Consumer Credit Act. As a result the termination charges can be severe.

JLU has a wide range of Commercial GAP Solutions tailored to your client's needs for single vehicles and fleets

Fleet GAP

Fleet GAP is a simple annually renewable policy that in the event of a total loss pays the difference between the motor insurer's total loss settlement and the outstanding finance / lease termination charge or 25% of the motor insurer's settlement, whichever is the greater.

Available for cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles and agricultural vehicles, Fleet GAP is easy to arrange backed by A rated security. This BIBA endorsed product is valuable protection for any business operating vehicles. Obtaining a quote couldn't be easier with our a online quick fleet quotation tool available on our online broker portal 'ABEL'.

If you want to find out more and how GAP Insurance can assist your business with client retention and increasing revenue call 0330 111 3093 or email