Meet the team: Julie Le Neveu

I started working for Jackson Lee Underwriting (JLU) in the Claims team on 22 January 2018.  My partner and I had decided it was time to move from Bristol to Plymouth as my stepson and his wife had announced they were starting a family. We have always loved Plymouth as it is a small city with lots of good bars, restaurants, two theatres and close to the country and the sea, what’s not to love!

While I was in Bristol, I worked for Allianz Insurance Personal Lines for 12 years.  I started off on the Broker Service team taking phone calls from Brokers who needed assistance setting up Home and Motor policies, and processing policy changes.

I then moved to the fraud and operational underwriting team doing policy checks on both Broker and direct home and motor policies, and underwriting policies where the risk was more out of the ordinary.

After two years I decided to try the complaints team.  I found the investigations into the complaint interesting for both home and motor cover and was soon asked to assist with the more emotive subject of pet insurance.

Following our move to Devon I found getting to grips with the product at JLU provided steep learning curve, as I knew little about the claim aspect of insurance, and even less about GAP Insurance!  Fortunately for me, my colleagues are very patient, and happy to help, although I still find I learn something new every day.

I love the claims aspect of the job.  Being able to help people who have unexpectedly found themselves without transport, and unable to do the day to day things they take for granted is really great.  

During the course of the working day we talk to some lovely people, whether a broker dealing with a claim for their customer and not sure how the process works, or the direct customer upset following the loss of their vehicle.  

GAP Insurance is one of those things that is often disregarded as an added expense when buying a car, however I have heard so many people saying how happy they are that they took the cover, as it literally is a life saver!