n a recent business forum we took the opportunity to discuss Learner Driver Motor Insurance with some business professionals, none of whom worked in the insurance industry.

We mentioned the launch of our Learner Driver product and how the cover operates. The Learner can take an insurance policy in their name to cover them whilst driving under instruction in a parents, siblings, relatives, friend's or even a company car. In the event of a claim occurring when the learner driver was in control of the vehicle, this would have no effect on the vehicle owner's motor insurance policy or no claims bonus. The collective response was "I did not know you could do that"!

In marketing Learner Driver insurance it is a case of making your customers aware that this product is available. To support brokers who wish to actively promote Learner Driver Motor Insurance, JLU has launched a Quote and Buy website where brokers can refer their customers to purchase cover online. Unlike other products in the market, all customer details are passed back to the insurance broker from where the policy was purchased.

Why not offer this valuable insurance via a "Quote and Buy" platform?

Key features:




    • Easy quotation and application



    • Customer pays online



    • Same levels of commission



    • Premiums are paid by Account



    • Data remains the property of the brokers (we do not cross sell any other product)



    • Simple, easy to use process with supporting MI



For further details on how to set up a "Quote and Buy" facility for Learner Driver Motor Insurance please contact Andy Eaton at andreweaton@jacksonleeunderwriting.co.uk or Telephone: 07860 931232.