Here at JLU we always look to take on board Broker feedback...

For instance we have now trimmed our underwriting criteria to just five rating factors for our Touring Caravan product – so the time it has taken me to type this sentence you could have obtained a quote for your customer!!

And it’s not just our touring caravan insurance, all our leisure products are simple to use and easy to understand.

In fact simplicity is the key, that’s why the equipment section of our touring caravan policy not only covers standard caravanning accessories such as awnings, gas bottles and water carriers but also caravan contents such as TV’s, kitchen utensils and bedding.

Our Static Caravan policy doesn’t just provide cover for holiday caravans, we can cover chalets and holiday lodges too, whilst our cycle insurance covers both pedal cycles and e-bikes.  

We’re that proud of how simple our products are to use that we’d like to show you how easy it is to place business with us, from obtaining quotes to policy administration.  So in July we will be holding a series of systems demonstrations via webinar. Each session will take 15 to 20 minutes, to register please click here