The number of people who want to get behind the wheel and experience the freedom of the open road continues to rise.  Almost 1.3 million driving tests have been conducted in the last year, and there are over 800,000 new drivers on the road.  Spending much of their time teaching, Driving Instructors will consider their vehicle an essential ‘tool of trade’ and crucial to ensuring regular income.  Protecting this asset is therefore essential. 

At Jackson Lee Underwriting we have created a GAP Insurance solution specifically for Driving Instructors.  If a vehicle is stolen or written off, the motor insurer may only pay-out the current market value.  This could be less than what is needed to replace the vehicle, or to cover an outstanding amount on a finance or lease agreement.  For driving instructors, a total loss can mean losing valuable customers and vital income!

Our policy provides additional comfort and can pay the difference between the motor insurance settlement and the purchase price of the vehicle or if greater the early settlement amount that is owed to the finance company.  In respect of vehicles used for driving school tuition we will also cover up to an additional £300 towards modification.  Competitively priced and with a choice of cover periods available, our specialist cover will help your clients get back on the road. 

Following a recent claim, one of our Driving Instructor policyholders said:

‘The product performed better than expected.  This policy has been…by miles…the best policy that I have ever paid my hard-earned cash towards. From my initial phone call to finalisation. Every single customer service person has performed with outstanding accuracy. Taking massive stress away from already devastating events. Thank you’

Why not offer a complete solution to your Driving Instructor clients?  Additional products available include Temporary Replacement Vehicle, Breakdown, Excess Insurance and Key Insurance.

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