Fishing equipment insurance, the great de-bait

There is a huge market for specialist Fishing Equipment insurance, yet some Brokers are still to be convinced of its value.  The challenge we get most often from Brokers is “why do we need to offer fishing insurance when a customer could make a claim on their home insurance policy?”

But that might not always be the case.  Read through the details of the following claim which was recently settled by our claims team.

Because accidents happen

One of our supporting Brokers from South Wales called on the 14th May to log a claim on behalf of their customer.

Customer had returned home from a fishing trip, parked his car on the drive and had begun to unpack his fishing equipment from the boot of his car.

As happens to us all from time to time, he became side-tracked and forgot about his kit.

Later that day he needed to pop out, got in to his car and promptly reversed over his fishing equipment causing substantial damage to poles, top kits, cupping kit and net handle – ouch!

The following day, the 15th May, photographs were received providing proof of the damage together with estimates to repair or replace the damaged items 

By the 18th May, the claims team had been able to satisfy themselves that the claim was genuine and had contacted the customer directly to agree settlement.

Payment of £2,082.99 was paid in to the customers bank the very next day.

One happy customer and one happy Broker.

Are you sure this would be covered by their home insurance policy?

A final note

Even if the home insurance provider you use would have paid this claim, home insurance claims are often subject to higher excesses and claims could lead to the loss of no claims discount which may have implications at renewal.