Caravan Insurance is for All Seasons

Whilst more and more people are using their caravans over the winter period, it is about this time of year when most caravanners start to think about winding down, taking fewer trips and perhaps putting their caravan in to storage for the winter.

But just because caravans are being used less doesn’t mean that good quality insurance isn’t still required.

It’s true that the risk of damage occurring whilst towing will be significantly reduced but the vagaries of the British weather means that damage could still occur as a result of storm or flood.

And whilst the quality of caravan security and the security at storage facilities has generally improved over the years the problem of theft has not gone away.

Click here to read more about the three West Midlands men jailed for a total of 12 years following a spate of 17 caravan thefts that took place over a brief six-week period.

If you have customers with touring caravans make sure you speak to them about Jackson Lee’s touring caravan insurance which provides cover 365 days a year including accidental damage, storm, flood and theft. 

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