Your client's may feel insuring their brand new pride and joy comprehensively, is the sure way to make sure they are completely covered if their vehicle was written off.

However if they are like the majority of consumers today and have purchased their vehicle on some form of finance, there is no guarantee their motor insurer will provide sufficient funds to clear their outstanding balance, which could leave them with a significant shortfall.

GAP insurance is there to 'bridge the gap' and make sure your customers are fully protected. 

You never know when you might need it. Take a look at the recent fire at the Liverpool Echo Arena car park, which resulted in around 1300 vehicles written off on New Years eve. 

We have one of the widest portfolio of GAP products available, designed to protect your customers against a financial shortfall in the event of a total loss due to Fire, Theft, Accident or Accidental Damage. Click here to view our GAP product range.

In addition to GAP insurance we can supply further products to assist your customer in the event of a write-off...

Temporary Replacement Vehicle Insurance

Cars and vans are an essential part of every day life and our mobility requirements, whether it is the every day school run, school clubs or for our work, we all rely on our vehicles. If the unfortunate happens and our vehicles are the subject of a total loss, what happens? Does the motor insurance policy offer sufficient enough protection? Typically courtesy cars are provided by the body repair shop as part of the deal negotiated in been appointed an approved repairer to a nominated insurer. If your customer's vehicle is a total loss or stolen and not recovered, it may mean that you are left without a vehicle. Temporary Replacement Vehicle insurance provides the option of a similar replacement vehicle to ease your transport requirements, available for cars and vans up to 3.5t GVW. Read More

Excess Insurance

If your client has to pay their excess following a fault claim or the excess is unrecoverable from the third party, this can be reimbursed to your client, providing total protection in the event of a write-off. We have a range of excess policies for personal and commercial lines, click here for more information.